The measurements of the level of contamination are made with the most up-to-date tools and scientifically acknowledged methods

  • is a local engineering office with competent regional an internal experiences
  • will advise you quickly and cost – effectively on the basis of safe datas
  • give advices, project radon protected construction and gives expert´s opinions of contaminated buildings and area

The experts of GEOPRAX measure, evaluate and advise. It exists many references of private, industrial and administrative orders.

Our offers of output

Investigations to radiation pollution:
soil, water, air, building area, building material, buildings Consultation to redevelopment, measuring technical accompaniment of redevelopment

Registration of old neglected deposits of toxin waste:
mining historical and geological analysis,geophysical measurements, complex expert´s opinions

Treatment of subterranean hollows :
exploring, documentation, giving expert`s opinions, assessment of endangering, planning of construction measures

mining history:
studies, projects (planning), expert`s opinions

mining damages:
analyses of mining damages, forecasts, securing of damage places, preconditions of forms for invitations to bid,,ealization of supervision of redevelopment places

investigation of building areas:
measurements, assessment, expert`s opinions, geophysical measurements

GEOPRAX advises and helps. representatives in the branch offices